Is your business online, sales-primed and making money?

Let me  create your online business systems, prime it to make YOU automated profits.

Download My A-Z Business Checklist For Free

Is your business online, sales-primed and making money?

Let me help you create your online business systems, prime it to make YOU automated profits.

Download My A-Z Business Checklist For Free

My Services

Web Design and Development

I create stunning, sales-primed online business projects (website and related designs), designed to automatically deliver value and make profit.

Online and Social Media Marketing

I handle all your online marketing and promotional needs, including Facebook, Instagram, Google (Adwords) and Email Marketing campaigns

Graphics Sketching and Designing

I help brands design stunning, original and appealing graphics, for any need. I also help brands determine the content, images, and general graphics needs.

Social Media Design and Management 

I help brands define, design and manage their social media, create posts and engage tentative client, and generally build a formidable and profitable online presence.

Digital Product Design and Creation

I help brands and businesses plan, design and create their (digital) products, and establish the delivery channels for product promotion, sale and delivery to clients.

Business Consultancy Services

I help brands create business systems, including: Marketing, Delivery, Operational, Administrative and Accounting Systems

Some Completed Projects

E-Book Cover: 'Slaying On Heels'

E-Cover: 'Sell Like A Pro'


I have been opportuned to work with Destiny on my website construction and I must say that his work ethics is commendable .He goes extra miles to exceed our expectations.

I will work with him again.

Daniella A.

CEO, Wellness Patron

Destiny went above and beyond what most would do in his place. He is the go-to person for my website, course creation, and you get exactly what you paid for and so much more. Thank you Destiny for all you do.



Destiny has been an amazing find. He delivers on all mile stones agreed even before the assigned timelines. He goes above and beyond his deliverables. He’s built my e-commerce marketplace that consists of a Global Business Directory and a world class magazine. Looking for that web developer that doesn’t only build your website but also understands what you need for your business to succeed? The best ever!

Orobosa A

CEO, www.Dialavendor.com

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Download My A-Z Business Checklist For Free

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