Thinking of Creating and Selling Video Products Online, But You Don't Know How or What to Do?

You are NOT sure how to come up with and create hot, stunning video products that sell easily online


Video Creation Course

How to Develop, Create and Monetize Stunning Video Products Within Minutes

This is for you if you...

Are just beginning your online money-making journey or are a newbie to video products creation.

Have this idea swirling in your head, but don’t know how to get it out there as an e-product.

Want to sell your idea on a shoestring budget, and not hurt your wallet.

Have created your video product but don’t know exactly how or where to sell it.

Are shy of the camera but want to create a stunning video product for the market.

Know how to create video courses, but don’t know what people are hungry and will BEG to pay you for.

Are tired of having to spend days writing e-books that are boring and (usually) might not even sell.

Have been trying for years to create stunning video products.

All You'll Ever Need is ...

Video Creation Course

How to Develop, Create and Monetize Stunning Video Products Within Minutes

This amazing product will show you in clear, over-my shoulder and do-it-yourself fashion:

How to Create High Quality Video Products

Learn how to create sure-to-sell video products within minutes. Do it with nothing more than your phone or laptop.

Hottest and High-Selling Product Niches 

Discover all the Hows and the Wheres to get hot-selling niches from which you can create your products on. No brain wracking.

Where and How to Sell Your Products Online

No guesswork, you will learn exactly where and how to sell your video products, including courses you create moments before.

Especially if you are a newbie, you'll learn how to get your product out FAST, easily, costlessly, and for a fast sale.
There is no techiness or heavy thinking involved at all. 

And Here's Some Amazing Bonuses

Technical Support for your first Video Course 

Yeah, right. Should you need further help, I am here to provide some on your first video product product creation journey.

My List of Hot, In-demand Product Creation Niche

Get my video product creation report on hot and always in-demand product niche, plus how to conduct your research in creating high-selling products.

The Entire Slides I Used In Creating This Product

Yeah, that's right. After learning my simple tricks, you will get my slides, the very ones I used in creating this video product.


How to Develop, Create and Monetize Stunning Video Products Within Minutes

Why Should your trust Me?

Because I’ve been there…

Two years ago, I learnt a new online business skill, the domain name parking business.

I was very lost as to how to birth this as an e-product and sell it without selling my time along. I wanted to make video products because it was easier, pays more and is generally the preferred medium of learning now.

I spent tons of money and time trying to learn from the ‘gurus’ how to create video e-products.  I wanted a simple-enough process that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Instead, I learnt next to nothing. In fact, they made it seem like a mountain walk, something I will never get right. And the cost for equipment they mentioned was never within my league as a beginner.

It was clear to me they wanted me to STILL depend on them to create my products (savage, right?).

The greater worry was I was not offered anything on how or where to promote my product (should I finally blunder through creating it).

This pushed me to overdrive. I consumed every knowledge on the subject. I invested more time, did a lot of research, a lot of testing and a lot of trial and error process.

Then I found it!

The Super Simple Method of Creating High-quality, Sales-Ready Video Products That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket.

Here's What Discovered ...

  • I only need zero investment. All I needed were my laptop and phone. Yeah, plus internet time.
  • Creating high-quality videos doesn't need to cost a king's ransom.
  • I can decide to show my face or not. Doesn;t matter
  • I discovered how to create Promotional Videos (those videos used by companies to promote their products)
  • bullseye
    I discovered the best way to put my product out there for quick sales. And with or without promotions
  • bullseye
    How to do my product research, and in 15 minutes, create a spanking new and hot video product. (this was the icing for me).
  • bullseye
    My pocket was not hurt. My super low investment was mainly for internet data and a super cheap recording software. All else were free or of pennyworth.

Dear Friend,

Don't get stuck trying to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of my mistakes and eventual success. The gurus told me it will take an arm and a leg investment to make it happen. I guess they are telling you the same now. If not, then it must be the complexity of their 'simple' procedure that will be the issue.

And you don't need to write anything. Yes. Instead of a book, record a video! It is real work writing a book and it takes time. Besides, videos sell WAYYYYY more and a lot faster! Learn now, it's easier than lifting your hand.

You don't even need to think about what Product to Create: This course comes with a done-for-you list of hot-selling product niches that are market ready. All you need is START creating stunning products NOW!!

All it will take are a few minutes: With huge profits in products creation and sales, guess who's primed for profits? You!! All you need is the simple method of creating video products.

Get Immediate Access


How to Develop, Create and Monetize Stunning Video Products Within Minutes


When you get this product and cannot, within minutes of completing the courses, create a simply stunning Professional Video with nothing more than the free of cheap tools I mentioned and used,  contact me and I’ll return your money and still let you keep the product and the bonuses anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me at me@destinyoriakhi.com and I’ll give you back your investment.

All you have to do is demonstrate that you executed the steps in the videos and was still unable to create a profitable video product.

I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this course and will even recommend others.

This is a Limited Offer!

Santa may leave town any minute and the price returns to normal. Time is never a friend here.

This is the best time to jump in and start making money, before it all goes away.

So don’t wait!

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m offering you an e-course containing 16 instructional videos on how to find a profitable niche idea, create stunning video courses out of the idea, and sell it to a hungry and willing market, all within minutes, and without spending more than a dime … even if you’ve never created an e-product or made a cent online before. 

The best part of this product is it bares it all. 

More than this, included as b​onuses are:

  • A report on product niches and ideas to immediately create products out of.
  • Complete slides for all video products.
  • More, including my support for your first professional product ...

This is a very limited offer because even I can’t tell when it will return to its normal  price of N15,000. But rest assured, it will.

And , there is no “catch” to this offer. Only BONUSES!

In fact, if you don’t like the book let me know and I’ll even give you back the N5,999. You don’t even need to send the product back.

Click here and claim your copy now. It’s a sure win for you!

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