Union Made From Heaven

Today, I had a short but interesting conversation with my driver.

‘You see this work,’ he started, ‘I go soon leave am.’

‘Why? Wetin happen?’

‘My wife is 23 years. Old. I don’t want to die. I cannot imagine another man coming to carry her go. This work is hard and can kill a man.’

‘Hmmm,’ I tried to be empathetic and see it from his perspective. Later, I decided silence was a better option.

‘We are expecting out second child o!’ Maybe this week or next, but this month for sure,’ he continued.

‘Oh! Whoa! Happy for you. Seems you have it all worked out: Work this work for a while, then retire to really ‘marry’ your wife,’ I joked and we both laughed.

Then …

‘My first son is 5 today. After this one, we will rest for some time. Maybe in another 5 years, we will have another,’ he enthused.

‘And that’ll be our last. We need to flex, plenty.’ Then he laughed.

I couldn’t hide my pleasantly surprised face. ‘Meaning you married her when she was 18. And you had it all planned out: the child spacing and the eventual retirement from childbearing. This is my kind of Union Made From Heaven: well thought out and planned. Nice’

This got me thinking; planning for the long term is way more beneficial than the short term deals. These, I call Survival Plans. Yeah, it is necessary to have the short term plans and goals. But what happens after the term is done? What happens to your business in 10 years? Do you have a scrap book where you jot stuff you want your business to deliver on long term? How are you creating the system to push that through?

Business is like a marriage union. When well thought out and planned, it can yield enormous lifetime (and afterlife) benefits. This is a sole attribute of greatness—you are able to pen and PURSUE in specific details the plan for your business to live forever. It is even more sweetened if this business bears your name. (Think of the Walt Disney, Sony, etc.)

Long term plan is reached daily by achieving the short term goals. This too, unfolds from the daily activities that forges the walls of our enterprises.

It is no secrets then that having a good business system in place seems the first thing to do when in business.

As one in business, you need to constantly tweak your business’ message; messages passed through your operations methods, your management methods, your marketing style, your delivery system and of the likes.

I always say, you will work too hard if your business works less.

It is said that the best way to predict your future is to create it. Same is true in business: the best way to predict your business’s success is to create it. Creating it means developing efficient business systems that (makes it) works independent of you.

QUESTION: Is your business union, made from heaven, like my driver’s marriage?

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