Union Made From Heaven

Today, I had a short but interesting conversation with my driver.

‘You see this work,’ he started, ‘I go soon leave am.’

‘Why? Wetin happen?’

‘My wife is 23 years. Old. I don’t want to die. I cannot imagine another man coming to carry her go. This work is hard and can kill

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In your business, the bulk (of work and operation) stops with you. This is acceptable when you are just starting out. But after a few months in, when your business begins to show signs it will survive (when you are able to generate your running and recurrent costs), you should shift the bulk

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My Month Story

My Month Stories. So I decided to start sharing my month stories. Each month, I will put a record of how I spent my month. I will discuss my month mainly (but not limited to) in these categories:

The Books I read, The Events I attended, Free (Career/Consulting/Volunteer) Services I did, My Highs,

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