My Month Story (June 2018)

June was a pretty busy month for me. It was my birth month! It came with serious thankfulness and pondering on how far I have grown.

Had scores of clashing, separate and intense activities and actions to complete. Twice, I had to leave Lagos for Benin. Twice, I had a breach in my routines (in fact, a total, shocking change to my routine). Hence the break in my weekly posts, you see.

But all that buzz and fuzz (which just finally slowed and some days ago) is past now. I am back in business, people. And for a jolt, I will be grilling out great thoughts and sharing more insights on this space (stay glued).

To my month story. June was quite eventful. I managed to complete two books, met at least two outstanding individuals. I made it to some great events and missed some also. Here is how my June went.


1. The E.Q. Edge: E.I. and Your Success

This is one book I will recommend to everyone. Often time, your financial trajectory is directly proportional with your emotional intelligence level. Emotional Intelligence is the invisible hand that moves our social experience and decide the quality of our life, by how we handle social, emotional and relational issues. Time and again, we have found that one’s Intelligent Quotient (I.Q.) is not enough. It is why we have shocking (but unsurprising) cases of highly intelligent but socially bankrupt, poor and grumpy, dissatisfied persons in the society. I learnt from this book that your knowledge is not enough; Emotional Intelligence is thus the guide to a fully lived life.

I will recommend this book as the very best in this subject because of its practical cases and dept.

2. Lincoln’s Melancholy.

Back in time, I was taken to the life and works of Abraham Lincoln. I saw the side not widely known of him. And I realized that it is natural for high achievers to be depressed over situations they feel they cannot change at the time, yet expect better from. In Lincoln’s time, it was called Melancholy. I discover his genius in balancing personal and emotional troubles with public life. I found his strength to continue in spite of colossal political failures and missteps. In the end, it had to be him in the middle of the Civil War.

No doubt, if he had not been murdered, Racism as it is in the world today would have long died. His melancholy became a source of constant hope for him.

You need to read this book to see how great thinkers and leaders distinguish themselves and shine even in hard realities.



As co-host for the Nigerian Child Award Event

It was a marvelous experience for me when I was invited as a co-host for the Nigerian Child Award event, held at the Orientals Hotels, Lagos. This event drew amazing children worthy of emulation (by adults of course). See children achieving great success in different fields. Truly, the kids showed creativity, passion and are on clear path to greatness.

It is for events like this that one can live for (I am sure my kids won’t miss these awards; they will partake fully). This particular event taught me to listen even to the voices of the kids. A great take away for me was that it is a great idea to start out early. Gone are the days of waiting for ever to first grow up.


Launch and Learn With Steve Harris.

I attended the Launch and Learn deal with Steve Harris. You know when you are fortunate to belong to a band of high professionals, the benefits are far-reaching and in full bloom. Trust me, it was truly an outing. I learnt some new social tips, some of the guys we watch on social media were down to earth there. The amazing Just Ibe, who combines a 9 to 5 with her REAL career freely shared tips that worked and yet works for her in conquering social media. It was a house without shame, were the best of the best congregate to plot the next waves in-coming. I count it a fortune to be here. I mean, you know your progress is largely decided by the people you associate with. We all know the drill: step up or go home. For me, this is home. I’m going nowhere.


My first journey to Benin was purely for family. My attention was needed to secure some docs for a sibling, and it was a chance to see those I worked and lived with. Second time, was purely business. It was a brain storming, knowledge sharing and prototype testing session for almost two weeks, on a project I am a part of (I will broadcast this in due time, for now, know it is a project that is taking on a MAJOR pain point for Nigerian business people, a wonderful solution that removes the stress and burden, including the misinformation in the market.) We are fixing the e-commerce trouble and noise in the country. Not an easy feat, but we are killing it.



In June, I met a lot of brilliant people. It has been a while I have been hurdled in the same physical location with so many brilliant high-achievers. This was the deal at the Launch and Learn Event. There, I met the brilliant Mrs. Toyosi is a fashionprenuer and fashion business coach. She helps fashion business enthusiasts and ongoing fashion entrepreneurs to jumpstart and run a profitable and sustainable fashion business! Over the last 8years she has run and grown her brand, d1709 into a successful fashion business amidst so many challenges, obstacles and struggles. She knows the struggles and how difficult it can be to start out or generally be successful in an environment that is perceived to be saturated and highly competitive especially where one has no idea where to start from, what to do first and when to scale up. She is your best bet for clearing the maze if you are in the fashion lane.  On Instagram, meet her here. Her personal blog is toyosi gregory.

TalkingMo and me co-hosting The Nigerian Child Awards

I met the delectable, sparkling miss Moyosoreoluwa. She flags the brand, TalkingMo. She is a Media and Communications practitioner and seasoned public speaker. I shared a stage with her and was very, very impressed by the way she wove her words and connected her stories. With her wealth of experience, having worked with several outfits and media houses, it is no news she kills it every time she holds a mic (it is in her gene). TalkingMo is my go to media gurl, a trump card for even very drab events, she will make sparkles.

My Pro Bono Engagement:

In June, I co-hosted the Nigerian Child Award Event on Pro Bono basis. It was an experience to be a part of the stories of the Nigerian Children taking great strides and easily fitting in the shoes even adults cannot wear.



Having successfully completed the Mastering The Business of Your Talent, I count it a particular blessing to be a part of the huge network of high performing professionals. This is a high takeaway for me.


Yes, outside books, I am also learning new skills. I suddenly found the need to be savvy with Amazon Hosting. So I set to learn all there is. I have successfully killed WordPress learning (this entire site was scratched and created by me, within two weeks. I have worked on many others).


How did your June go?


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