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My Month Stories. So I decided to start sharing my month stories. Each month, I will put a record of how I spent my month. I will discuss my month mainly (but not limited to) in these categories:

The Books I read, The Events I attended, Free (Career/Consulting/Volunteer) Services I did, My Highs, My Lows, and the wonderful people who I met or connected with.

Here we go:

The Books I Read:

Each month, I make it a point to read at least two books for my personal and professional development. This month, I read one on business, and one on personal development. Then a novel to sweeten the month.  This month, the books I read:

    1. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: This book taught me how to effectively plan and utilize my mornings to create the miracles I dream for my life. Over the years, I usually come up with some basic things I will do each morning, sometimes each week. This book was the icing. It did me two favours:


  • It showed me this was necessary and I was on the right track, by defining the benefits and backing it up with valid points. To build an successful and efficient life, you need to find the time to train you. It can be anytime.
  • It helped me calibrate and shape my mornings to bring miracles for me. To-do’s I had never thought of suddenly became prominent. Particularly, I found out that there was serious need for me to have a time for meditation, even if for a minute. It helps you find some quiet and unburden your heart from whatever may be mazing (Sic!) your life. This is the time I take control of me. I just forgo everything and focus on the beauty around me. The air I freely breathe, the quiet I can enjoy, the cool atmosphere, etc.

I finally found the rhythm to read, write and maintain my The Freedom Journal (get one at www.thefreedomjournal.com). The Miracle Morning gave me the momentum to work on my books. I simply slotted it in as part of my morning routine. You see, one thing probably better than listening to others is listening to yourself. My morning routine afforded me the time to work on my book daily. This would have been a myth if I had not read this great book. You can get a copy at www.miraclemorning.com.

2. Small Business, BIG Money by Akin Alabi: I bought this book when I attended the Youth Enterprise Conference (YECO) on 30th of March. This book, for me, was a bag of business wisdom. Otumba Alabi does know his onions. And why not? He is the trailblazer of the betting industry in Nigeria. No small feat, if you ask me. From this book, I got some affirmations and simple hacks to navigate your life and business.

  • I learnt that speed of execution was far better than skill. I jotted a lot of business navigation wisdom I gleaned from this simple to read book. This book was written expressly with the Small business owner in mind.
  • I learnt not to make the same mistakes others have made while growing their business, especially when they documented the right way to fix it?

Check here www.akinalabi.com/how-to-order-for-my-book-small-business-big-money for a full list of how to get this wonderful business book, designed to turn your small business into a big deal.

  1. Three, by Jay Posey: A science fiction novel that posits a time will come when we will have children whose DNA is laced with machine filters and are wired into the web system. Ironically, that time is here. We are all connected somehow, via the internet. The main character, Three, is a violent, but just man, who slaughters ‘enemies’ while protecting a woman and a child he feels drawn to protect. A very upbeat read, this book kept me up some nights. For one, the diction was superb, the suspense sustained. I will definitely read it again.

 Events I Attended:

 This month, The Live Your Dreams Africa (LYDA6) event happened. Super exciting and loaded, this was a turning point for many entrepreneurs, new or seasoned. It was a bare-it-all event, no censoring, where the panelists share their deepest stories struggles, successes, fears and bravery. Everything. These were true experiences, not scripts. The way they connected with the struggles of each man, was magic. Their stories would help you get into the race, or if in it already, STAY in the race. When you believe you are toiling in the dark and the rewards are not here as you planned, that’s the best time to stay. Many of the panelists had it tough. The delectable and ever young Ireti Doyle mentioned she dreamed of becoming a movie star took twenty years and many toils.  Banky W. had to sell HIS CDS from the trunk of his car. At the end of the car’s wreckage, where every sane man may have thrown in the towel, he found the strength to stay. And there was the light. It was a nice reminder that my only job is to stay.

At this event, I met wonderful and amazing people. I met Coach (Uncle) Steve Harris and a host of other people. It was truly one-of-a-kind event, trust me. These are the types of events you should be a part of. Thankfully, it happens yearly.

Website: www.liveyourdreamsafrica.com

Event Convener: Mr. Bankole Williams


PRO BONO WORKS:  Every month, as giving back to the society, I have resolved to contribute my skill, expertise, finances and time to at least one other person’s business. So this month, I volunteered to the Lead Your Dreams Africa event. As a volunteer, I served in two teams: the stage management (during the event) and the Dreams Development Center. Also, I took to helping two businesses. For  Nenye Onuchukwu. Details of my work with later.


BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: This month, my biggest takeaway has to be the affirmations I got from all the training, events I attended. You know the realization that dawns when you hear and see the sense in how your business will eventually build so long as you stay. This does not mean you should stay with the old ways you did things, no. Learn the new, adapt, and focus on winning.  Ah, yes! I built my website from scratch.

You still need business systems that works to effectively manage your business. Businesses build on systems have a higher thrive ratio.

Click Photo to Started Now.


MY LOWEST LOW: I felt this nagging want of time. I felt this weight of having too much to do with very limited time. This pressure to do all I can, cram my day with all bits and pieces of activities. In the end, I have much less accomplished. Then I read a blog (misplaced the link) that reminded me of Brian Tracy’s admonishing, of focusing only on the THREE most important activities that will deliver 80% of your output.


NEW FRIENDS/CONNECTION: Okay, a coaching course brought wonderful people my way. Among them are:

Efe Otofia: A Lead Consultant at METOO Consulting.  He is a Business Development Strategist & a Sales Expert. He has horned he’s skill working with some Multinational companies here in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa & Dubai. Your business in his hands will be like it found wheels. He is great with coordination and has this never-die spirit.

The amazing Amaka: Amaka is a Brand Strategist for Social Enterprises and NGOs. She helps entrepreneurs to build CSR brands that connect Purpose and Profit. She is the rather observant yet sociable and collaborative one.

Many more I collected as pockets of experiences I won’t be able to document here (the post is already too long). Yet, the most exciting things for me were the people I met, interacted with online, and those still with me.

How did you spend your month? Please share.

And yes, you can email me.

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