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Video Creation Course

How to create and monetize stunning video courses

In this course, You'll discover;

  • How to create lecture courses using PPT or Canva.com
  • How to create promotional videos in minutes
  • How to generate ideas on ANY topic for products
  • How and where to monetize your video courses at minimal cost

The Funnel Method:

How to setup, monetize and Automate your Website or Blog

In this course, You'll discover;

  • The funnel Method: From simple Ads to Massive Sales
  • The only web pages you ever need
  • Email Connectivity, Messenger Bot
  • How to Automate the process

Domain Parking Profits

How to make Up to $500 monthly from a single, domain name.

You'll discover;

  • How to buy a domain name for cheap, 
  • How to 'park' a domain name.
  • Best parking services to use for your domain. No hosting required.
  • How to generally earn from your parked domain
  • Boost strategies to quadruple your earnings

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